5G and mmWave Antenna Engineering Training

Course length: 3 days

Course designed for:

RF engineers & Scientists, Software engineers, Testing engineers & Analysts, Engineering managers, Antenna technicians, Field measurement technicians and project planners


5G and mmWave Antenna Engineering Training covers the theory and practice of antenna engineering, communications, radar, commercial and military applications. Learn how to system engineer, design and build 5G and mmWave antennas. Also learn about antenna applications and properties including EM spectrum of frequencies covering microwave antennas from about 5 GHz to about 60 GHz. Read more about 5G Essentials

Learn about:

  • History and Introduction
  • Basic Antenna Concepts
  • 5G Antenna Challenges and Theory
  • 5G Antenna Types and Components
  • Multiple Antenna Systems for mmWave 5G networks
  • Antenna Array Design Considerations
  • 5G RF front-end Devices and Concepts
  • Antenna Testing (Verification and Validation)
5G and mmWave Antenna Engineering image