5G Cybersecurity Training (3GPP)

Course length: 4 days

Course designed for:

Managers and engineers including sales, marketing, business development, analysts, finance, HR, procurement, and other disciplines who need a clear picture of 5G technology.


5G cybersecurity professionals believe that while 5G architecture is revolutionizing wireless networking, 5G technology also has some cybersecurity risks that enterprises need to address before it becomes mainstream for business use.

Learn about:

  • Fundamental concepts of 5G system
  • 5G (Release 16) and 4G LTE-Advanced Pro
  • End-to-end 5G network architecture
  • 5G NR, 5GC: 5G core functions, architecture,
  • Network operational scenarios, D2D, and signaling
  • security issues, attacks and mitigation
5G Cybersecurity Training (3GPP)